Niminomicon cover
Nim is an ancient two-player strategy game that has existed in many variations throughout the world.

This book will be your opponent through numerous games of Nim. But be warned - your opponent knows the perfect winning strategy. One wrong move will lose you the game.

With hundreds of possible starting points and paths, can you discover the perfect strategy?

Nurikabe banner
Nurikabe is a minimalist logic puzzle from Japan. Unwind as you solve these challenging puzzles.
- Includes over 50,000 unique puzzles
- 5 levels of difficulty
The Book of Prime cover
The Book of Prime
Explore interwoven number sequences possessing similar yet distinct distributions and characteristics in this brief foray into recreational mathematics.

This book includes all the prime numbers between 1 and 200,000.

The Absent Mugwump image Harry Potter web comic.
SFW adventure genre, work in progress.

Imgur Coloring Book cover       Imgur Coloring Book page
The imgur coloring book is a collection of 40 coloring book pages from artists from around the world who have created original artwork for everyone to relax and enjoy.

Proceeds from the coloring book go directly to

Code Notes

Open Source Libraries and Tools

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• Stand-along JavaScript library for rendering code/class diagrams on your web page
• Supports arrows crossing scopes
• Supports aliasing scopes
• Version 1.1.0 complete. Demo here. Documentation and download on GitHub.


• Visual Studio plug-in for converting .Net XML documentation to Markdown pages
• Pulls additional information from the assembly itself
• Version 2.0.0 complete. Available on NuGet and GitHub.

WithoutHaste.DataFiles .Net Library

• Load .Net XML documentation file into object structure
• Build and save Markdown files
• XmlDocument helper
• ExcelPackage helper
• Version 1.0.0 complete. Available on NuGet and GitHub.

Tamarin Task Manager

• Desktop application for Windows
• Bare-bones task manager for single-users
• Saves to XML Excel format, so Github can merge changes
• Created for personal use
• Version 2.0.0 released

WithoutHaste.Drawing.Colors .Net Library

• Load and save color palette formats: ACO, GPL, PAL
• Convert colors between color spaces: RGB, HSV, CMYK, Hexadecimal
• Version 1.0.0 released

WithoutHaste.Drawing.Shapes .Net Library

• Geometry operations
• Currently supports Points, Lines, Circles, and Wedges
• Version 1.0.0 released

WithoutHaste.Windows.GUI .Net Library

• Layout helper to arrange Controls relative to each other
• Custom controls
• History management (undo/redo)
• Version 1.0.0 in progress



Recreational Math

• view and analyze number sequences


Women Who Code

What Char

• view unicode values for all characters in a string

Python Calculator

• desktop calculator that keeps all previous equations and results visible

Label Pictures

• workaround for displaying descriptive text with Windows Slideshow images

Yohaku Puzzles

• addition and multiplication puzzles